Kirsten Tremlett

I'm a Naturopath, Massage Therapist & Retreat Facititator in Byron Bay, Australia.
I specialise in Allergy Testing, Weight Loss, Detoxification & Anti-Ageing.

I also run weekend health retreats in Byron which include yoga, meditation, massage, spa treatments, naturopathy, raw and vegetarian meals, juicing, superfoods, cooking classes, health talks and much more....

Curing cancer with Vitamin C

We’ve been led to believe that the only effective cures for cancer are the big three: chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and surgery.

But there are many natural remedies that have been proven to effectively cure cancer, including high doses of Vitamin C.

Intravenous Vitamin C given directly into the bloodstream at doses of around 10,000 milligrams a day can kill cancer cells, without damaging healthy cells (unlike the other three options). Vitamin C can help block tumour growth and reduce the size of existing tumours.

Ian Brighthope, a medical doctor and surgeon, has been treating cancer patients with intravenous Vitamin C for over 35 years. He says “It has been interesting to see how something that was previously regarded as absolute quackery has now become a mainstream treatment”.

When the level of Vitamin C in the body reaches a critical mass, which can only be achieved through intravenous doses, it causes a reaction that produces small amounts of hydrogen peroxide. Normal white blood cells make and break down their own peroxide but cancer cells can’t, and the build up causes them to burst.

Many patients have benefited from having Vitamin C therapy alongside conventional cancer treatment. Brighthope says “it reduces the toxic effects of chemotherapy as well as the inflammation caused by radiotherapy. It also boosts the immune system and stimulates white blood cells to mop up dead cancerous tissue and fight infection”.

So why don’t more people know about this cheap, effective cure for cancer? It comes down to money. You can’t patent Vitamin C so there’s no money in it for pharmaceutical companies…..”There’s a lot of information available on non-toxic ways of helping cancer patients survive and thrive-but it’s not being promoted by my profession,” says Brighthope.

You can hear Dr Brighthope speak more on Vitamin C therapy by watching the film ‘Food Matters’.

Parasites: The Unfriendly Invaders

Parasites are being recognized as a main cause for many undiagnosed diseases.

There are more than 130 different kinds of parasites that use the human body as their host. They range in size from microscopic to single and multi-celled worms.

The symptoms that can occur through an infection with fungi or parasites are frequently identical to those of a bacterial or viral infection. This gives rise to false diagnoses time and again, resulting in ineffective treatments.

In 1976, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) in America conducted the first and so far only nationwide survey on the infestation of parasites in the entire population. It was revealed that one in every six people was harboring one or more types of parasites. According to other estimations, half of all Americans will become hosts to parasites at one point in their lives.

The increases in infestations are due to increased international travel, immigration, and the importation of foods including fruits and vegetables from overseas, and infected water.         Other factors are the growing popularity of exotic restaurants that serve raw or undercooked dishes.

Parasites can gain entrance into the body through the foods we eat such as produce and undercooked meats, and by drinking infected water. Even the air we breathe can carry microscopic parasites and fungi.

Pets are hosts to numerous parasites-dogs can transmit 65 different parasites onto humans and cats can transmit about 40 contagious diseases to human beings.

Most invaders live in the digestive tract but can also reside in the blood and lymphatic systems. Parasites that live in the intestines frequently cause digestive problems like flatulence, gas, constipation or diarrhoea. They can cause malnutrition and anaemia which can result in fatigue, apathy, depression, lack of concentration, poor memory and many other symptoms.

Worse still, parasites can irritate, inflame and perforate the intestinal lining. Perforation increases the permeability of the intestinal walls and large undigested molecules can pass into the blood stream. This can results in food allergies or sensitivities as well as allowing parasites to gain entrance into the blood stream.

Once in the bloodstream parasites can migrate to the intestines, settle in the joints and muscles, form cysts and create inflammatory conditions, often attributing to arthritis.

Parasites can even travel into the brain. They can form granulomas in the lungs, liver, uterus or other organs. Their toxic metabolic byproducts can attack the central nervous system and result in restlessness, depression, anxiety, hypertension and fatigue. If parasites penetrate the skin they often cause rashes, eczema, swelling, papular lesions, skin ulcers or itching. 

The presence of any type of parasite leads to an enormous weakening of the immune system. 

Infestation is often difficult to diagnose. Random stool examinations used by most doctors have proved to be insufficient and unreliable as parasite cysts or eggs are often residing in organs and lodged into the lining of the intestinal walls, not just in the stools.

On the basis of false negative results, most doctors rule out parasites as the fundamental cause of a disease. Also the symptoms of infestation do not always manifest themselves immediately as parasites have an incubation period and symptoms may not appear until weeks or months have passed.

When treating parasites it is important to break from the treatment for a couple of weeks then continue the treatment for another couple of weeks. This ensures that any eggs that the parasites may have laid are also gotten rid of, otherwise the cycle will continue and symptoms will return in a few weeks.

A few drops of Grapefruit seed extract added to warm water is an extremely effective meat, fruit and vegetable wash to remove parasites and their eggs from food. Grapefruit seed extract added to some water or juice can also be drunk to eliminate various types of micro-organisms and parasites from the body.

Antiparasitic herbs such as Wormwood, Black Walnut Hull, Cloves, Pau D’arco, Garlic and Aloes can also be taken for a couple of months.

It’s a good idea to do a parasite cleanse every year-or every 6 months if you have pets that live indoors.